Investment Opportunities

White Marlin E&P, LLC is a Houston, Texas based upstream oil & gas production and operating company formed in January 2010.  Our business model is designed to create strong investment appeal by minimizing risk and ensuring an industry leading return on capital with a portfolio expected to grow up to $300 million during 2011-12.  As an operating company, our focus will always be on environmentally sound onshore and offshore energy operations.

White Marlin’s multi-faceted approach is attractive to a broad investment community with diverse goals. Our hedging philosophy locks in pricing as we deliver the volumes. During 2011 we expect to pursue oil reserves over gas due to the current pricing ratio, but our long-term portfolio planning reflects appropriate weighting in oil and gas (BOE) reserves for stability in a changing price environment.

Balanced portfolio

A significant land position is an important part of our strategy and provides future exploitation and exploration potential. White Marlin is aggressively pursuing oil & gas properties from a variety of sellers, with target properties in the states of Texas and Louisiana.

Acquisition targets are oil & gas properties that offer a balanced blend of operating and investment profiles:

  • US onshore properties that provide a high R/P ratio with long reserve life and stable production profiles
  • US Gulf of Mexico shelf properties (State/Federal waters) that provide high rate, highly profitable cash flow profiles but have lower R/P ratios
  • US onshore properties that fall under the traditional non-conventional profile such as tight gas or chalk production

US onshore conventional gas or oil properties that once formed the core portfolio for larger public companies will be a particular focus as these companies divest in order to fund the latest exploration trend into unconventional gas. 

We avoid properties that are incompatible with our exploitation driven business model. We carefully select the right proportion of onshore and offshore, with a heavier emphasis on onshore for lower risk and reduced operating costs. By avoiding high-risk areas such as the deeper waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we promote greater financial stability and a more predictable return on capital.

Access to capital

Our strategic relationships provide access to the capital we need to remain tactically nimble and quickly seize opportunities that fit our strategy. This advantage serves the interests of investors, property sellers and our Company.

Efficiency on all fronts

Optimum efficiency and investment stability are woven throughout our core activities. A tiered approach to acquisition allows White Marlin E&P to grow in an organized fashion, and focus on creating operational efficiency.

We use a Hub-and-Spoke operations model to minimize operating costs and logistical problems. Locations for operating centers will potentially be located near Houston, Morgan City, Lafayette or Shreveport. Our target acquisition opportunities will build on that infrastructure, and avoid those properties that may cause inefficiency or higher operating costs.

The use of 3-D seismic and advanced technologies helps us identify reserves more cost-effectively than our counterparts. And we keep a tight rein on environmental liability by serving as stewards of the environment in every community in which we live and work.

Solid experience

The company is owned and managed by our principal investors who each have nearly 30 years of oil & gas exploration, production, and management expertise in the US and international arena.  Please contact us for more detailed information.