Oilfield Properties Target AreasLocations

White Marlin is aggressively pursuing oil & gas properties from a variety of public and private companies, with target properties primarily in the states of Texas and Louisiana, and the offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Environmental Stewardship

White Marlin E&P focuses on production efficiency with safe, environmentally sound operations. We are committed to serving as stewards of the environment in every community in which we live and work.

Risk Mitigation

White Marlin E&P addresses risk related issues including product pricing, weather, and reserve estimation during our asset evaluation phase. To help mitigate onshore environmental risk, a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment is required for all properties.  Once operating, we expect to create risk profiles for each property, planning in advance to avoid probelms that detract from our investment goals. 


A significant land position is an important part of our strategy and provides future exploration potential. Acquisition targets are oil & gas properties that offer a balanced blend of operating and investment profiles:

  • US onshore properties that provide a high R/P ratio with long reserve life and stable production profiles
  • US Gulf of Mexico shelf properties (State/Federal waters) that provide high rate, highly profitable cash flow profiles but have lower R/P ratios
  • US onshore properties that fall under the traditional non-conventional profile such as tight gas or chalk production

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